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Where to Buy Backlinks: Top Choices

Link building is a critical part of search engine optimization, which in turn is essential for your website to get more visitors and make more revenue. Every business needs to invest as many resources as possible to get this done. One of the quickest and most effective ways of doing that is to buy top-quality backlinks – it is not a gray area (it’s a safe strategy) and gets the job done with results much sooner than those who can’t put their money into the game just yet.

Our Top Choices

If you’re wondering where to buy backlinks, here are some reliable recommendations.


We couldn’t start this list off without recommending our own awesome services – even though we’ll show you alternatives in his list, we started TheLinkShop for reason. Every other competitor’s services were either too slow, too expensive or missing the degree of quality we’d expect so our top team of SEO experts decided to start our own service, and as you already know if you’re a customer, we blow the competition out of the water. We’re professionals who have been in the game long enough to know how to safely crack the system in your favor, fairly and with transparency. We find webmasters with potent websites and high-quality content that matches your niche, and we simply place a link on their platform (through a guest post or a link edit) that directs back to yours.

We also look for websites with real traffic and always show you the AHREFS traffic estimate, meaning customers aren’t lured in with false promises. Real traffic also means a loyal audience that will put their money where their mouth is and hey, if the website gets traffic that means the search engines like it – so they’ll like yours as well.

Our backlinks are powerful and relevant, our strategies are safe and effective and our results are as real as they get. Give us a spin today and rocket your results up the search engine rankings right now!

Buy Backlinks Now


This is another option for those who are asking themselves, “Where can I buy backlinks?”. They engage with influencers who are authority figures in your niche and can be quoted to your customers.

It’s like having a rave review from Stephen King on a horror novel. They also build connections in the form of guest posts with websites that have high-quality content and high Google ratings. This is one of the safest ways of link building and will not only shoot your ranking right up and keep it there.

They not only find the influencers but also bid for you, place the order and take care of the process till the very end when the links are placed. And once it is all done, you also get customer service.

Authority Builders Co

They are also referred to as ABC and here’s their pitch. They pride themselves on building lasting relationships with verticals and niche websites that are looking for content that is relevant to your products and services. They are also experts at negotiating prices on your behalf.

Once the influencer lists are made and deals are struck, ABC will give you reports on the metrics based on which the choices are made, the traffic those choices brought in and the prices you got these results for. Their priority is to get you high-quality affiliates with organic traffic. Their goals are aligned with Google’s requirements.


When it comes to SEO link building, you don’t want to do trial and error because time is money. And when you’re paying a professional, you want them to focus on the things that Sir Links A Lot does.

That includes link building based on their database of strategies which were created and modified over years of testing. They are also big fans of white-hat practices which will keep you out of trouble from search engine penalties. And they do it at an affordable price. That’s always good news.


And finally, there’s Get Me Links which also buys backlinks based on the guest posts you can get so that you stay relevant, the niche edits that can be placed on their site to help your ranking and getting you link packs that will yield tangible ranking results.

Wrapping Up

Any of these choices will be a great way to step into the world of SEO and start feeling the difference – it’s obvious we recommend our own service, but the main thing to take away here is that knowing where to buy backlinks is just the start, actually taking action and getting them is where the magic is. Start today with us and you’ll be impressed.