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Link Building SEO: Everything You Need to Know

Whether you are building a business, are already established or are simply a content creator, this is the 21st century and you need to have a strong online presence that attracts and converts. The first step towards building that presence is to set up a website.

Now, when you create a website there are many things to think about. You need strategies that will put you on top of every list that your potential customers are looking at. You need search engine giants like Google (let’s be honest, that’s where almost everyone is) to rank you high in their search results. It takes a little work and time but you can get there – the first step on that road is link building for SEO.

What Is Link Building?

This is the process of adding hyperlinks from websites back to yours. Typically, search engines peruse the internet to find individual pages on websites and assess their value so that when a user types in a specific keyword, this website with information related to it shows up.

Now, your goal is to be on top of the list or at least as high as possible so that potential customers/readers or viewers get a chance to click on the link to your website, right? So, it is up to you to figure out how to increase your ranking. Search engines usually use these hyperlinks to find new web pages and also assess their ranking. This ranking is decided based on the number of other websites that link to you.

This means that others consider you an authority on some subject (usually, the keyword that is hyperlinked to your site). So, when a high-quality website links back to you, it is sending you some traffic. That is called referral traffic. When such websites demonstrate that kind of trust, your ranking goes up. Search engines like Google announce their criteria to a certain extent so that you don’t misuse or abuse their privileges.

But, the first thing we want to put in this link building guide is that this landscape is perpetually changing. So, there is no one thing that always works. However, as someone who is offering content, a service or a product, you must always remember to keep your quality high. Nothing disappoints like an over-promised website. But that doesn’t mean there is no need to have a strategy.

The first thing about link building SEO is that you need to find high-quality websites. This is a critical part of moving ahead of the competition. And no matter what your industry is, there is competition. If not, someone with a lot of money will walk in and try to buy their way out of the competition. So, you need to have all your bases covered starting with SEO link building.

What Does a Healthy Link Profile Look Like?

Now let’s talk about good and bad SEO practices. In this neck of the woods, you must first learn about two terms—white-hat and black-hat strategies. There are gray-hat strategies too for questionable market tactics.

But here are some good practices so that when you hire an SEO link building service, you know if they are suggesting the right strategies.

White-hat strategies are usually ones that have minimum risk and are perfectly in compliance with the guidelines set forth by Google and Bing. That is excellent because if you violate their guidelines, you will be penalized and in turn lose traffic.

Some of the most popular white-hat strategies are:

  • Creating quality and insightful content, drawing links to your content naturally.
  • Writing personalized messages to potential or actual customers to promote your website.
  • Building a community of users/readers and encouraging discussions among them.
  • Connecting to real users instead of using automation tactics to cheat the search engine (this one actually gets you a penalty when violated)

Black-hat strategies, on the other hand, are devices to keep tricksters who are looking to find loopholes and get a higher ranking for their websites without being useful to customers. This concept was originally introduced to keep hackers out of the game. But over time, its uses have been expanded. These practices usually focus on:

  • Showing different content to users and the search engines as a way of manipulating the latter. This is called cloaking.
  • Looking for short-term benefits instead of creating good content.
  • Adding hidden links to your site.
  • Adding keywords to hidden text that is visible only to the search engine and not the users.

Search engines are always watching for this kind of behavior like hawks. So, you will lose rankings, traffic and be penalized.

Link Building and SEO

So, now that you know that when strategizing SEO link building, your goal is to have as many white-hat practices as possible to increase your ranking consistently and keep it high in the long run.

You need to create links that are relevant to your customers. That means your content needs to be on point, you need to have the right kind of anchor text and you need to have a context that a search engine deems relevant. When you add links, there are more than a few advantages. Let’s talk about that.

Improvement In Search Engine Rankings

First comes first – the biggest reason for link building is to improve your website’s search engine rankings and climb to the top of the results page for keywords that you target. A solid, expertly tailored and executed link building campaign is sure to send your website flying off – quickly for low competition keywords and in the long-run for more competitive ones.

Referral Traffic

When you get referral traffic from a high-ranking website, it adds to your value in the eyes of search engines. But it is a good asset for your business too. Since you come highly recommended, the visitors are inclined to check out what you have to offer.

This means you get some time to make a pitch to your audience and turn them into paying customers. Because the end goal is not just about having SEO but to use it and increase sales.

This is especially helpful if you are a beginner and manage to get a popular website in your industry to link back to you. This increases the number of eyeballs on your page and gets you consumers who are passionate about the subject.

Professional Relationships

A link back does not happen magically. It is the result of reaching out to relevant blogs and websites. In this link building SEO process, you end up promoting something you have created not just for potential visitors but also those who are running the high-value website.

These individuals are typically influencers in the industry. And by that, we don’t mean the kind of social media influencers who are buying and selling their follower base. We’re talking about those who are trusted in the industry. A relationship with such entities is good for business.

Adds to Brand Value

SEO link building is also useful to your brand in the sense that apart from increasing your ranking, it also recognizes your brand as a trusted asset. Creating valuable content is one of the most trusted ways to do that for obvious reasons.

It is a great way for you to demonstrate what your brand and your product or service are all about. You get recognition based on the content on your website. And this is demonstrated to the titans of the industry which can lead to sponsorships and collaborations beyond the deals you are striking for your website.

About Penalties and Trading Links

As mentioned before, link building in SEO is not a trial and error game. If you want to escape penalties, you need to know the guidelines set forth by the major search engines like the back of your hand.

There is a range of penalties that a search engine can slap on a website starting from keeping you on the bench for a few weeks to many months. And even then it is undone only if you have fixed the problem.

For example, Overstock was penalized by Google for trading discounts on some of its products to universities for a link back. It took them many months to recover from that calamity. Then there is the case of the infamous JCPenney, a US retail giant, that was penalized for buying links related to certain keywords.

As big as they are, JCPenny spent months removing those links and trying to recover from that disaster. Then there are the smaller incidents when companies like Interflora in the UK were penalized for a few days reportedly because of a link building fiasco. There are two major types of penalties that a search engine like Google applies. Some are algorithmic where your practices are detected automatically by Google and you are instantly penalized. You will need to fix the problem and the next time Google does a crawl to index web pages, it will note the changes and lift the penalty. But depending on the seriousness, you can also file a request and deal with it manually.

The second type is manual. This happens when someone from Google’s webspam team applies a penalty because they found an abnormality. In this case, you must file a reconsideration. When you do, you must explain how you have fixed it and what precautions you are taking so that this does not happen again. Then it is up to Google to consider your request and make a decision. That’s right. It is entirely up to them. In fact, they can reject our application if they are not satisfied. However, this usually happens if there are too many low-quality links to your page and you have not removed enough of them.

What Are Some of the Best Services for this Job?

Now, it is not possible for everyone to have in-depth knowledge of these intricacies. That’s why it is often recommended that those who have a budget hire a link building SEO service. And if you don’t know how to go about looking for one, here’s a list of some of the best-known link building SEO services in the business.

TheLinkShop: We strive to be the best and both our track record and clients can vouch for that. We’re a group of expert marketers and SEO specialists that focus on one thing alone – real results for your website and impressive increases in both visitors and revenue.

The Link Shop logoWith over a decade of experience in digital marketing, we know just what you need to build links effectively. Whether it’s through the age-old, tried & true guest posting campaigns or with the quick, extremely effective link edits on aged articles, we’ve got you covered for all things link building, ensuring you rank for the keywords you need and reach the positions you want.

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Buy Backlinks Now Here’s another firm that promises to work with high-ranked websites so that you can present those citations proudly to your clients. They will get you guest post links, avoid private blog networks and domains that have low ranking and value. They also promise not to engage with paid posts and offer a competitive price along with good customer service.

Authority Builders Co: Also called ABC, this is a group of professionals who are known for their link building campaigns. They engage with high-quality websites and provide you the best anchor text options to improve your website’s ranking. You will also get comprehensive reports on their strategies and notes that will help you do it yourself in the future. You can pick from any of their three packages depending on your budget. This is also a firm that offers a wide range of services. From guest posting to improving your footprint in the local markets (if that’s your target audience) there is a lot to be gained from this association. They also focus on diversifying your profile and creating a social media impact. This is a UK-based firm that follows several white-hat strategies like backlinking for long-term benefits. But it also offers link packages that will help you in the future. They also offer an audit report on their work and give you tips on keeping up the progress. With a team of freelancers across the US, UK and Asia, this is a company that delivers results based on plenty of testing. So, there are no templated solutions here. They take a reasonable amount of time and give you what you need for your website, a customized solution.

In Conclusion

Whether it’s for a small niche website, an online shop or a business that wants attention and clients, SEO link building is absolutely essential for anyone that wants success in the online world. There’s only one way to get there – with professional help, and that’s what we’re here for!