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The Complete Guide to Buying Backlinks

Backlinking is a practice of linking from one website to a page on another related website. The right kind of backlinking practice is a great way to boost SEO. If a given page has a high number of backlinks from a relevant, authority website, that increases its chances of being ranked high on search engine rankings.

In other words, it would be easier for one to search for the website since search engines like Google will pick the website to be one of the top few results.

But how does backlinking work? It would require a tight network of collaborators to ensure that another website links to your work or a page on your site. There is certainly a lot of legwork involved if you have to make your pitch or approach collaborators to link back to your content. Another easy way is to buy backlinks for your website.

When you buy backlinks for SEO, it means you pay money in exchange for links or posts that contain a link back to your page. When you buy backlinks, you get a guaranteed link back to your website from a relevant site or page.

But buying backlinks, if done wrong, can also have certain drawbacks, even if your website gets linked on a few different pages. In the following sections, we take you through the various pros and cons of buying backlinks and what you can do to efficiently buy backlinks for websites.

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Should You Buy Backlinks?

The following are some of the pros and cons of buying backlinks that we think you should keep in mind. We’ve written a whole blog post on “Should You Buy Backlinks?” but here’s a quick rundown. While there are several pros we can think of, we must also warn you of some of the cons:


The following are the advantages of buying backlinks:

Saves Time

You may wonder, “Why buy backlinks for my website?” Possibly the biggest advantage of buying backlinks is that it saves one a lot of time. You will be outsourcing the job to a third party, who will be responsible for finding the right pages to link to your website.

The bulk of the work is taken care of by an agency and you can focus on doing the job that your website has been built for, instead of running after search engine rankings.

The time you save from not going after rankings can be spent on building organic backlinks as that is the more sustainable strategy in the long term. Buying backlinks is simply a great way to buy time so you can work on personal links and connections.

Guaranteed Backlinks

Buying backlinks is a guaranteed way to have your website linked on different platforms and sites. Getting returns from organic backlinks may take some time and there is no guarantee that you will, indeed, manage to get those backlinks.

When you buy backlinks, it is a service you will be paying for so you will get certain returns. You can be sure of getting linked to certain websites or platforms that you have paid for. We recommend buying backlinks only because it takes a lot of the pressure off for large organizations.

Reasonably Priced

Despite what it sounds like, buying high-quality backlinks is a relatively inexpensive activity, when you take into consideration the ROI. We are happy to report that you can buy backlinks for SEO without making too large a dent in your capital.

Surprisingly, you can buy links at fairly reasonable prices which is why this is a practice several large firms participate in since it really delivers results and does not cost too much.


While we have discussed the pros of buying backlinks, the following are some of the drawbacks we can think of:

Can Be Risky If Done Wrong

While buying backlinks guarantees that your website and content will be linked to, it does not always guarantee long-term search engine rankings. You can ensure you get backlinks, but it could still be a risk you undertake as it could mean the search engine recognizes the paid activity and does not consider the backlink you have paid for as valuable.

If the algorithm detects that the links have been bought (which is likely if the links are a result of bot activity), the search engine may remove your bought links as well.

Not Easy To Do

As we have tried to explain above, while buying backlinks can guarantee that your content is linked on other websites, it’s not an easy think to accomplish – plus all the little details that make or break a link building campaign are hard to learn and take a lot of time and experience to dominate.

If you’re a rookie and try to do it alone, you do not have complete control over whether the paid links will guarantee search engine rankings or long-term traffic to your website. At best, it is a good way to work on building organic links that will better serve your interests in the long term.

Buy Backlinks Like a Boss

To develop the right kind of link buying practice, you certainly need to put in the work to nurture the accurate instinct. One of the most important tips we can give you is to choose high-quality content that you would also pick when you are trying to establish an organic link building practice.

The content should not only be of great quality, but it should also be relevant to the niche your website operates in.

It would also be useful if you already have some good quality organic backlinks in place before you explore the market to buy backlinks. Once you have the right kind of content you want to buy links for, we recommend you keep the following things in mind:

Have a Plan

It is important to have a strategy or plan in mind when you are looking to buy links. Start slow and then gradually build your paid links bank. You do not want to take a single wrong step and have your website de-ranked. We recommend beginning with only up to five links and then building your way up. It would be advisable to dedicate not more than 10-25 percent of your link profile to paid links.

Do Your Research

In addition to starting slow, it is also important to also be sure of what agency or service you are enlisting to buy links. If you are entering into an arrangement with a single website, be sure to inspect the website properly before buying links. We would suggest checking the site’s domain history, outbound links and history of page ranking.

If you notice that a website has been penalized in the past, you shouldn’t even think about striking an arrangement with them. The website you pay for backlinks should also have high-quality content that is relevant to your niche.

Good Anchor Texts

The anchor text is the part of your link that is visible to readers. It is important for the anchor text to contain the keywords that make your website more searchable. However, if your links are appearing on five different domains, you should try to change the keywords around and keep your anchor text diverse so that you do not stuff the keywords.

Keyword stuffing is also a suspicious activity for most search engine algorithms and puts your website in danger of becoming de-ranked.

Steer Clear of Link Farms

If your website has a lot of backlinks but none of them are quality links, it does nothing for your rankings. Link farms and PBNs (private blog networks) take money in exchange for generating backlinks in bulk.

However, most search engines will recognize these backlinks as being of low quality. Valuing quantity over quality is a trap you must not fall into as it is a recipe for disaster. Trust us, you do not want search engines like Google to penalize you for low-quality backlinks.

Avoid Sitewide Links

Finally, one of the most important tips we can give you for buying backlinks is to avoid buying links across your site. If you have paid links on different parts of your webpage, such as the footer, toolbar, navigation panel, etc. a search engine like Google will see it as spam and immediately knock the rankings down.

Ways to Do Organic Backlinking

Even if you rely on buying backlinks to reach your goals, you can also acquire a few easy ones to further extend your reach. If you are looking to build organic backlinking, we think the following tips may be helpful:

Try Link Roundups

We are happy to report that you can find resources online that insert links to quality content in a given niche. These are known as link roundups and if you are aware of such a resource in your niche, simply approach the author of that blog or domain with a pitch. Keep a draft ready to go so you can send it to multiple prospects.

Create Worthy Content

If you want people to link to your website, it is important that you create content that is worthy of backlinking. Whether this is a video, an article, or a survey, you need to create high-quality assets that a website can link back to. This is the first step even if you are buying a link. You need quality content first and foremost.


While it is important that you find links from websites that are relevant to your niche, it is also important that your links don’t come from the same website over and over again – all you need is a single backlink from each domain.

The first time an asset is backlinked on an authority website is great for SEO rankings. However, the third or fourth time will not be as valuable since the search engine will simply register it as a repetitive pattern. Therefore, it is important to diversify your backlinks and engage with a few different websites from your niche.

Pitch Pitch Pitch

Finally, the best way to build organic backlinks is to continuously make a pitch to potential backlinking partners. If you are on a relevant website and find that it is linking back to a dead domain or one that shows an error, make note of that and then approach the domain owner requesting them to replace the dead link with one of yours instead. This is called broken link building and while it takes a ton of time and effort, it can be useful.

No matter what situation you are in, always have a pitch ready in case you are presented with an opportunity for a successful backlink.

Parting Words

Acquiring a domain for your website is not a big deal. However, building that website and putting in the work to ensure its ranks high in search engine algorithms is a whole other feat. We understand that it takes a lot of labor and perseverance to make this happen through backlinking and constant search engine optimization – hence why we created our service to help you get there in a fast, easy and effective way. We put in all the work while you sit back and watch the results come in.

While buying backlinks may be frowned upon in some circles, it is a practice that very much takes place to this date and certainly has several merits when done responsibly by experts.